A view from apartment 4, Roches Rouges
About the Owners

Nice to meet you...

Matt and Rachel Thomas are serial travellers and have been a regular feature of the Tignes scene for the past few seasons. Originally intending to do just one season as a sort of extended honeymoon, they felt so at home living in Tignes, they dived in with all four feet and bought Apartment 4.


Since then, Rachel set up Tignesie Tots offering private childcare to holiday-makers, Matt blogged about the seasonaire experience under his pseudonym Jonny Cowbells (jonnycowbells.livejournal.com - be warned, it's a bit rude in places). And they both set about upgrading the apartment from the rather brown, 70s pad they bought, to the light and airy apartment you now see on the website.

Oh, and in December 2007, they took 10 week old Harry to France to experience his first ski season. He loved it! Since then in November 2009 Charlotte's been added to the clan, but she's only had the Tignes summer experience so far - she was a big fan of the trampolines and Le Lagon.

Now Harry and Charlotte demand more attention, they've now done the grown up thing and are basing themselves back in the UK for a while, and as a consequence Tignesie Tots has ceased trading.

But their loss is your gain - the apartment hasn't really been a self-catering flat, it's more a family home, and it's hoped you'll feel a sense of that if you choose to stay.

Matt (and friend)

Matt's alter-ego Jonny can still be found dispensing advice on Tripadvisor (he was recently appointed Tignes Destination Expert), Facebook and the skiing usenet groups, and the family Thomas still spend as much time as they can in the Alps, so maybe you'll bump into them. Otherwise, if you're frequenting the bars and restaurants, tell 'em Matt and Rachel sent you...